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Our history
Re Mais is a well known and appreciated brand in Italy and in the world, the pride and joy of one of the leading companies in the grain industry, DE FRANCESCHI SpA MONFALCONE, a leading company in Italy for the grinding of corn, which was founded in 1966 by the De Franceschi family, millers and entrepreneurs of ancient tradition.
Research and development are the principles that guide our business decisions, enabling the creation of high-quality products that meet the most delicate, modern and various market needs.
"50 years of continuous evolution ..."
The Monfalcone plant has evolved over the years, growing gradually, overlooking the Gulf of Trieste, strategically located in the most northern point of the Mediterranean Sea. The continuously evolving systems, adapted to the specific needs of an international clientele, careful to the quality of our products, have transformed the company into a large, modern and versatile structure for grain processing.
The Plant
The plant now covers a wide coastal area of the Adriatic Sea, easily accessible by sea, with a capable pier and modern towers for the loading and unloading of bulk grain, powerful modern plants, advanced technologies, and flexible systems, able to guarantee very high production levels:
  • Over 80,000 sqm plant
  • Piers for mooring ships up to 30,000 tons
  • Pneumatic system for loading/unloading grain/flour/semolina
  • 1,500 tons/day plant for drying cereals
  • Storage capacity of 40,000 tons Vertical Silos
  • Storage capacity of 25,000 tons Horizontal Silos
  • Mill for dry and wet corn grinding
  • Grain and seed flaking and shelling plants
  • Cereal extrusion plant
  • Packaging and large capacity bagging plants
  • Connection to the national rail network
Laboratory for Analysis
DE FRANCESCHI SpA MONFALCONE invests a lot of time and many resources in searching for new products and new processes, as well as continuously improving a sophisticated quality control system.
For this reason, we have developed a modern laboratory for analysis inside the company, which works closely with top research and medical, as well as food analysis, centers.

"Modern laboratory for analysis inside the company"

Our team of qualified technicians monitors the various systems and manufacturing processes, to ensure maximum attention to quality, which is followed step by step, helping the millers with their daily work and constantly supervising raw materials and finished product.
DE FRANCESCHI SpA MONFALCONE aims to the complete satisfaction of the most demanding customers, guaranteeing the production of healthy cereals and semolina, as well as high quality and genuine flour.

"Research of new products and quality control system"

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