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All the goodness, authenticity and freshness of the DE FRANCESCHI SpA MONFALCONE products is guaranteed and certified, according to the highest international standards. The quality has always been a key point of our company strategy; therefore, we utilize a strict system for monitoring and verifying the processing at all stages. We want to always provide the customer with the highest product quality; that's why, in 1996 we adopted the HACCP system and we have been a ISO9001 certified company since 2005.
"Certified according to the highest international standards"
All the meal and flour we produce is Product Quality certified by SGS BRC-Food, and the company is SGS ISO9001:2008 certified. We take the utmost care and attention throughout the production process and, for this reason, we are able to offer maximum support and availability to our Customers. According to the needs of our Customers, we can obtain specific certifications and comply with different regulations in different countries. We are also at your disposal for the use of external control and certification systems, as indicated by our Customers, to monitor all stages of production, packing and loading.
"At complete disposal of our Customers for the use of external control and certification systems"
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