The shipping is an essential element of the quality mission of DE FRANCESCHI SpA MONFALCONE. For this reason, we built our plant in a strategic position: in Monfalcone in the Gulf of Trieste, at the crossroads between Danubian-Balkan Europe, the Mediterranean and the Northern European countries An optimal logistics solution, to always guarantee the maximum speed of collection of the best raw materials, as well as the fastest shipping of finished products throughout the world.
"Sea, tyres or railway: destination World!"
DE FRANCESCHI SpA MONFALCONE relies on a network of highly flexible transport: we use the national rail network, transport by truck and ship. We easily reach any destination in the world, with packaged or bulk cereals and flour, in containers or on trucks. The use of a pier for loading and unloading of cereals, with an advanced pneumatic transport system, is a key element for processing large volumes of product.
A modern shipping system is an asset for our company, a key link in order to guarantee the quality and good taste of our products to the customer.
"Fast and flexible shipping for higher quality"
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