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We use modern equipment and advanced logistics in a facility of over 80,000 square meters, offering a multiplicity of possible different processes. DE FRANCESCHI SpA MONFALCONE employs cutting-edge technologies and diverse systems to guarantee maximum production flexibility: a fundamental aspect that, together with the comprehensive quality control of production, allows the complete satisfaction of customer needs.
" Using the latest technologies to ensure
maximum production flexibility"
Upstream of processing, all the cereals are cleaned by an automated system, to ensure the use of selected raw materials, free of impurities. The entire process is then supervised by highly qualified operators: our team of experts makes use of an automated control system, in constant technological upgrading, which is guarantee of hygiene and food safety.
The different techniques used by DE FRANCESCHI SpA MONFALCONE include: receiving raw materials, milling, refining, packaging, quality control, storage and delivery.
"Selected raw materials, free of impurities"
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