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We are specialized in corn import-export. Our 50 years of experience have led us to be one of the most popular Market Maker at the European level for the market of corn and flour obtained by grinding it (meals and flour).
"Specialized in corn import-export"
DE FRANCESCHI SpA MONFALCONE does important trading business in the Mediterranean: we are oriented to international trade in wheat, with particular attention to the Arab countries, Africa and emerging countries.
We operate as traders especially in the stock markets of the cities of Bologna, Verona, Bergamo, Treviso, Udine and Milan. We buy and sell grain and flour for third parties, obtaining favorable trade options: this is made possible by our many years of experience in trading, as well as by the economic strength of large volume orders.
"We buy and sell corn and cereals all over the World"
Borsa di Bologna
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